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    Two Crazy Pigs兩只小豬頑皮記

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    名稱:Two Crazy Pigs兩只小豬頑皮記
    We are two crazy pigs.
    We lived on the Fenster farm.
    We tickled the hens while they were laying eggs.
    “Stop that, you crazy pigs,” yelled Mr. Fenster.
    We tied the cow’s tails together while they were giving milk.
    “Stop that, you crazy pigs,” yelled Mr. Fenster.
    Instead of rolling in the mud, we threw it at each other.
    “Stop that, you crazy pigs,” yelled Mr. and Mrs. Fenster.
    “Pack your bags and leave!” yelled Mr. and Mrs. Fenster.
    All the animals cried, “We’ll miss you, crazy pigs!”
    We went down the road to Mr. and Mrs. Henhawk’s farm.
    “Do you have room here for two crazy pigs?” we asked.
    Mr. Henhawk made us a new pigpen.
    He laughted when we dipped the sheep’s tail in ink.
    Mrs. Henhawk let us make mud pies in her stove.
    One day the Fenster’s cow, Shirley, came to visit.
    “Will you come back to the farm?” Shirley asked.
    “The hens are not laying eggs. The cows have stopped giving milk.”
    “No,” we said. “Mr. and Mrs. Henhawk love us for who we are – crazy pigs.”
    We pulled Shirley’s tail and said good-bye. Then she went back to the Fenster farm.
    One week later, all of the Fensters’ animals came to the Henlawk farm.
    Shirley spoke.
    “The Fensters have moved to the city. Do you have room for us her?”
    Mr. and Mrs. Henhawk asked all the animals to live on their farm.
    We were very happy to have our friends back.
    We rubbed everybody’s faces in muc.
    We jumped on the Hwehawks’ feather bed for two hours.
    We were so happy!
    “Let’s visit the Fensters in the city for old time’s sake,” we said.
    “Are you kidding?” asked Shirley.
    “Are you kidding?” asked Mr. Henhawk.
    “No,” we said, “we’re crazy!”
    ---the end.
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